Thursday, 6 September 2018

Congress demands petrol and diesel to be brought under the purview of GST: P. Chidambaram

New Delhi: Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has said that the Center and states should work together to bring Petrol and Diesel in the realm of Goods and service tax (GST).
The statement of the former finance minister has come after the new record of petrol and diesel has been raised every day. Chidambaram said via Twitter:
 "It is not necessary to increase the price of petrol and diesel continuously, because the price increase is due to excessive taxation. If taxes are to be deducted, there will be a huge reduction in prices. " He said, "Congress demands to bring gasoline and diesel to GST immediately." Congress leader said, "It is a fictitious argument to blame the states on behalf of the Center. BJP (BJP) forgets its bragging things because BJP is in power in 19 states, together with state and state governments, GST Should be brought under the purview of the Constitution. "

Will the oil price increase stop?

Let us tell you that nowadays prices of petrol and diesel have increased. Petrol in Delhi is priced at 16 paise and diesel is 19 paise per liter. Today, one liter petrol in Delhi is getting 79 rupees 31 paise and diesel is 71.34 rupees per liter. In the past one month, petrol in Delhi was priced at Rs 3 a liter, 16 paisa a liter and diesel was costlier at Rs 3 a liter.

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In Mumbai, one liter petrol is getting Rs 86.72, while the price of diesel is Rs 75.74 per liter. Similarly, petrol in Chennai is 82.41 and diesel is 75.39 rupees per liter. Similarly, in terms of Kolkata, petrol has reached Rs 82.22 per liter and diesel has been priced at Rs 74.19 per liter.

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